What makes custom blinds a popular window treatment in the Gold Coast

One of the most popular window treatment these days are custom blinds – especially in Gold Coast. In fact it’s not just popular at offices or work spaces but people have been using custom blinds for their homes as well.

The main reasons why custom blinds have become popular includes ease of use, affordability and the control which a person h over the amount of light entering a room.

Window blinds are basically coverings which comprise of horizontal or vertical stats which are interconnected with the help of a cord. The position of the slats can be altered either manually or through motorized action. This allows the user to adjust the amount of light which they require. Blinds can be made from wood, plastic or any other composite material.

Window blinds can be stylized and customized in a number one ways. This is also one reason why these blinds are so popular with home owners across Gold Coast.

Types of custom blinds

The following are a few different types of blinds:

  • Venetian blinds: these are also known as classic window blinds. Venetian blinds comprise of horizontal slats and can be designed using materials like wood, metal, plastic and composites. The blinds can be held with the help of a cord or a cloth tape. Venetian blinds come with a unique set of features which makes them popular to be used at both homes and offices.
  • Wooden blinds: these are popular because of their natural look. The wood can be polished in a variety of ways to give a customized look to the blinds. You can choose a dark mahogany finishing or go for a lighter oak like finish. It all depends upon the room and the purpose for which the blinds are being used. These blinds are beautiful to look at and improve the aesthetics of the room.
  • Composite blinds: refers to blinds which are designed for manmade materials. They are durable and stylish. These blinds can be customized using faux finishes which not only improve the aesthetics but also provide durability. These blinds are less prone to breakage and maintenance issues and can stand heat and moisture quite well.
  • Metal blinds: metal blinds are the most affordable of all these options. These are best for people who want window coverings on a budget. Designed from aluminum, these can be customized in any color and can look just as good as the other kind of blinds.
  • Vertical blinds comprise of vertical slats and are used for covering wider areas. These bock light more effectively because of the wide surface area.

Blinds are not only for horizontal windows, in fact blinds can be used to cover all sorts of windows whether those are sky lights, circular shaped, oval shaped, French windows or doors etc. Blinds not only look attractive but have a host of other benefits as well.

Make sure you have custom blinds made on the Gold Coast and ask an expert to help you install blinds in your homes or offices.


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