Major causes of blocked drains in Melbourne

Have you ever wondered why your drains are always dirty and whether you could do something to ensure that they are clean?  This is one of the questions that most of the people will ask their plumbers when they have blocked drains. This is because it is the dream of every homeowner to ensure that their drains are always clean so that the chances of having plumbing issues can be minimised. For this reason, you must ensure that you do not ignore any of the drains that are in your home, especially the minor drains since they are essential when it comes to ensuring that your drains are not blocked.  For you to know how you can prevent your drains from being blocked, you must know the factors that lead to the blocking of the drains around your home. The following article describes the causes of blocked drains and how you can prevent them:

1. Leaving hair or fur in the drains

One of the major causes of blocked drains in Melbourne is hair and fur.  When you through your hair or the fur of any animal especially the pets in the bathroom drains, showers, bathtubs and also in the sink, it combines with other elements thereby attaching themselves on different parts of the drains. This, in result, makes the drain to block. This is why you need to ensure that you get better ways of disposing of your hair or the fur of your pets. In case you dispose of hair or fur in any of your drains, you should ensure that you use a hair strainer drain guard so that you can prevent the air and fur from blocking the drains.

2. Pieces of soaps

The other thing that can block your drains is the pieces of soap that you leave on your bathtub, sinks, shower, kitchen and bathroom drains. When you leave the soap on the paces named earlier, the soap will form a residue. The more you leave the pieces of soaps, the more residue is formed and the more it accumulates. This blocks the drains with time, thereby making the drainage to be slow.

Always ensure that you clean the bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, sinks and drains with soap-less water and detergents anytime that you realise that you have left pieces of soap in them. Consequently, you can also remove the soap by pressure cleaning the drains.

3. Food remains

Many people in Melbourne think that some of the food remains such as tea leaves, rice, bread that they pour in their sinks do not have any problems since they do not have large particles. However, this is creating troubles to themselves since they will end up having problems with their kitchen drains. When you dispose of the food remains in your sinks, they will gather in different parts of the kitchen drains, thereby slowing the speed of the water. This will result in the blocking of your drains, especially if this becomes your habit. To prevent this from occurring, you must ensure that you dispose of the kitchen refuse in the bins so that you can keep the sink clean.

4. Build up of toilet paper

When you throw so many pieces of toilet paper in your toilet, it becomes very difficult for you to flush the toilet. The toilet paper, in return, will fill, thereby blocking the drains of your toilet.   You should be very careful with the size of toilet paper that you dispose in your toilet before flushing on that you can prevent the drains from blocking.

5. Broken pipes

Broken pipes can also make the drains to be blocked. Sometimes it is very difficult for you to know when there is a broken pipe in your house until you realise that there is a problem with your drainage. When there are broken pipes, it is very easy for the drains to be blocked since the pipes are not intact. For this reason, you should conduct regular inspections to check for a broken pipe and also ensure that you repair the pipes in case they are broken to prevent the drains from blocking.

You don’t need to worry since plumbers fix blocked drains. Just be sure to call on a reliable plumber to help you.

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