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How to Add a Vintage Look to Your House

We’re all a fan of the vintage fashion and it seems that it will never get old! If you’re thinking about redoing some of your rooms in the house, going for a vintage look is definitely up for a chance. No matter what seasonal fashion you’re following for inspiration, you will notice that the vintage trends become a part of the trend somehow.

There are many ways you can pull off a vintage look in your house if you really want to. The trick is, not to spend too much money and simply get the things you already have. Vintage stuff is basically everything your parents may have kept as heirloom from their ancestors’ houses. In order to make sure you have everything you need to make your house look and feel vintage, you can pay a visit to your parents’ homes and find what you need.

Following are some ways to add a vintage look and feel to your modern house:

1. Adding Antique Furniture Pieces

antique furniture

Antique furniture canberra can add a vintage look to your modern architecture of the house. Furniture pieces such as wooden rocking chairs, an old wooden laced couch, etc. can look very elegant and vintage at the same time. You can even change some of your old household items into furniture pieces. For instance, you can use an old trunk and polish it again to make it a coffee table.

You can even use an old crest as a footrest to be placed in front of a couch. You will notice how unique and amazing it will look. The crest can be polished dark brown to match your existing furniture items.

2. Adding a Standing Clock

Standing clocks in the living room have been an amazing part of the vintage architecture and design for ages. You need to get one of the vintage looking clocks that can add an heirloom feel to the main lounge of the house. Make sure their paint is wooden brown with gold strokes. This is just the color which speaks vintage and class.

3. Re-painting Household Items

If you do not have vintage furniture items to be added to your house, you can simply change the paint color and polish of your existing household items and make them look vintage. The two main colors include ash brown mixed with dull gold strokes.

So if you want to change the look of your bedroom, you can change the polish of your bed set and the mirror outlines. In case you want to alter the living room, you can re-polish the coffee table, the cabinets, the couches and even the television set enclosures. You will notice that something as easy as the paint of an item can change the entire look and feel of the item.