Garage Door Central Coast- Garage door safety tips from the experts

A garage is useful for a variety of purposes. It can be used to house your vehicles as well as provide a place where you could set up your workstation or offer ample storage space. However a garage door can sometimes pose to have certain safety and security challenges.

The following are a few garage door safety tips to ensure that everyone remains safe:

  • If you have an automatic garage door installed in your home, you should keep certain things in mind. The first being that the operating button should be far from the reach of children. Since younger kid are generally inquisitive by nature, they might try to play with the switch. This in turn could pose to be a security risk if the child put their hand between the doors or comes to stand right under the door as well.
  • It is advisable to keep the remote controls out of reach of children as well. Allowing them to fidget with the remote control might cause the garage door to malfunction.
  • It is also essential to consult the garage door operating manual in order to overcome any kind of emergency situation. Before you have a garage door installed in central coast, make sure you have a detailed talk regarding the safety procedures.

  • Once you have taken care of all the above mentioned tips, it’s time to carry out a thorough inspection of the garage door. Keep an eye out for any springs which might seem detached or hinges which are coming off. Instead of trying to remove or fix the attachments on your own, make sure you call in professional help from garage door services in central coast. They would send in a trained professional to help you deal with any garage door issues.
  • Also make sure that you test the mechanism of the garage door on a monthly basis to observe whether it working smoothly or not. You can do so by placing a roll of a towel under the garage door. Upon contact the garage door should lift immediately. If it doesn’t you have to call in the services of a professional at garage doors in central coast.
  • Also make sure that you explain the safety rules to the children. They should be taught to keep their hands and feet away from rolling garaged doors. Teaching these safety tips early on can help prevent mishaps.
  • It is better to ensure that the garage door has been rolled down completely instead of being left partially open. Partially open garage doors can sometimes close if these come in contact with an object thus posing a security risk.
  • If you happen to leave your home for vacation or work purposes it’s better to unplug the garage door. There is also the option of using a vacation console switch. For more understanding on how to operate it, make sure you take help from a professional.

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