Exterior Painting Melbourne

Painting idea for your home’s exterior

Are you looking for exterior painting services in Melbourne? You might have thought about which colours to paint the exterior of the home. A good paint job can provide an immediate face lift to your place.  Home should be a reflection of the owner’s personality. What better way to make a statement than to add a fresh coat of colour to the exterior walls.

Keep in mind that exterior paint ideas don’t go through a major shift the way interior colour trends do. They remain constant over decades. Also there are some colours which are more welcoming and just look better when compared to others. However, this by no means is in an indication that you shouldn’t deviate from the norm. If you want paint ideas which are a bit out of the box, you should feel free to have a colour consultation with your painting services in Melbourne.

However, most home owners these days are going for cooler and pastel shades when compared to the dark shades used in the past. The cool colour scheme looks beautiful and inviting and complements the home as well.

Keeping the following ideas in mind would help you make the right colour choice to paint your home exterior.

  • When painting the exterior of the home, consider the material from which the walls are made. Different materials look good with different colour schemes. If you aren’t too sure about choosing a colour scheme you could always rely on the advice given by your contractor.
  • Also keep the neighbourhood colour palette in mind. Your home should be in harmony with the other homes on the street. After all no one wants their place sticking out like a sore thumb. Understated and classy is the new colour scheme for home exteriors.
  • Don’t go for a colour which is too bright and vibrant if you want to give your home a timeless appeal.
  • If you are actually fond of bright colours, instead of giving the whole home a bright look you could make a statement by keeping things subtle with a brightly painted door. Red works well with pristine white walls. Or a sunny yellow door with a dove grey exterior works beautifully as well.
  • Subtle yellow colour looks good as well. In fact you can never go wrong with mellow yellow. However don’t go over board by choosing an extremely bright yellow. It looks kind of harsh and won’t do a great deal for the exterior of your home.
  • Choose colours which are inspired by the natural landscape. Light blue works just as well. These are the kind of colours which stand the test of time and also add a timeless appeal to your home.
  • Gray is also a good choice when painting the exterior walls. This is because grey blends well with exterior materials like stone and pebbles.

By keeping the above mentioned ideas in mind you can choose an exterior which not only complements your home but stands the test of time as well.