Corten Steel Garden Edging

Corten steel is also known as weathering steel and refers to a group of steel alloys that developed, so they don’t require painting and have a rustic appearance, They can be exposed to all types of weather for several years and are great for gardens. Corten steel is created to be resistant to atmospheric corrosion than other kinds of steel. As this kind of steel rusts, it forms a type of protective coating.

Easy installation

Corten steel edging for gardens is easy to install. The edging is created by innovative design and is flexible. Therefore wherever you place it in your garden to create edging around plants and flowers, it will look creative. All the edging is Australian made, and using corten steel garden edging will make your garden look professionally designed. The edging is easy to install and can be made in different designs.

Weathering alloy

Corten steel garden edging has a natural finish and withstands all kinds of weather. With time it develops a rusty-looking protective patina, which slows down corrosion. This makes it an ideal garden edging that can last for many years to come. If you wish, you can give your garden a contemporary look with edging with a galvanised steel finish. Its silvery-grey appearance will provide you with a long-lasting garden edging that does not require much upkeep. Your plants and flowers will look great, surrounded by this modern kind of edging.

Durable garden edging

With corten steel garden edging, you can choose to have a discreet look or a highly visible one. Its rusted steel colour appeals to many because of its natural look. Others prefer a galvanised finish, which brings a more radiant look to the garden and makes the flowers and planting stand out. With time the possibility of designs has increased, and due to the latest innovations, the flexibility of the garden edging gives you the chance to create beautiful flowing lines. When working with flexible steel edging, a good idea is to first line with marking paint to see how the flowing lines will look in your garden.

Design as you imagine

With specially created garden edging, you can design like a professional gardener. It is possible to either make rows of straight lines for paths or various curves around your plantings. All of the fixtures join together and get concealed under the soil level. The steel won’t crack or rot and will give you an innovatively designed garden for many years. The best thing is that you can do it all yourself because the edging is easy to install. If you need help, you can get all the information on different sites selling garden edging online. There are various heights available depending on how tall or short you would like your edging to be, and if you wish, you can even paint your steel any colour you like.

So if you have admired many different gardens and always wished you had one that looked like it was done professionally now, you can do it yourself. You don’t have to spend money on professional gardeners but do it all on your own. Make a design on paper of how you would want your garden to look and then look online at the sites offering corten steel edging in Australia. Choose corten steel garden edging from Straightcurve.

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