Building Inspections Melbourne

One of the most crucial process after a building is constructed is the detailed building inspection performed by a building inspector. The major aim is to check whether the property has been constructed according to the ordinances laid down by the government. They have to ensure that the building is free from any problems and has no major safety issues.

Building inspectors are generally hired by the government, city or Municipal Corporation. They have the necessary certifications which enable them to carry out specialised checks on the newly constructed buildings. Building inspectors are notified when a construction is underway. Once the project is completed the contractor would call for a Melbourne building inspection company to then carry out an inspection.

Building inspectors are supposed to carry out meticulous inspections. It’s part of their job. They have to make sure that any building is safe for use and is not high risk. One of the reasons why every inspection is carried out in detail is that no safety issue should come up once the building is inhabited.

In most cases if a building is being newly constructed the building inspectors might be present at the laying of the foundation. They would ensure that everything goes right because once the cement is added there is very little which can be done about a buildings foundation. They have to ensure that everything has been carried according to the building construction code.

Things to keep in mind when hiring a building inspector

When hiring a building inspector make sure of the following:

  • Choose a building inspector who ah the right designation and education to carry out the building inspection. Keep in mind there is a difference between residential building inspectors and commercial building inspectors. Get to know who you would like to hire.
  • Experts normally recommend taking some time out to do research on property inspections. Get to know if there are any local firms which send in building inspectors to assess a property. Also building inspectors might assess a property for different reasons. Normally a building which is not newly constructed is simple inspected for safety issues because no much can be done about a building which has already been constructed.
  • You can also get a referral from family or friends, someone who you can trust and who you know would give you the right advice. Don’t be in a hurry to hire a building inspector suggested by a broker who is selling you the property. The inspector might hesitate to point out all the flaw and their judgment might not be a meticulous as required. This is why you should bring in your own building inspectors.
  • Also keep certain limitations in mind. When a property is constructed the building inspector can only asses it for is apparent to them physically. They can’t go about and see what lies behind the walls of a property or its building.