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UX Designer

I have used Upscale Teak Furniture on a few projects and each job was well estimated and completed.


Solid company. I think we caught them at a busy time of year so the initial communication and getting the job up and running was a little slow. But once moving they were very good. Clear communication, excellent subcontractors, and management checking in with us were all nice attributes.

I was completely satisfied with Upscale Teak Furniture work on my behalf. The persons involved with the planning, estimating and overseeing my renovations were courteous, very kind and fun to work with. I felt I had superior expertise and experience in the planning and carrying out of my needs.
I would not hesitate to recommend Upscale Teak Furniture to friends for all manner of home services, from large renovation projects to the smallest of home repairs. From bidding to work to meeting deadlines and to completion, they have been all that we could expect from a professional organization.


Interior Designers

Posted on February 13, 2019
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Category:&nbspRenovation Ideas

Interior design is a very complicated task due to the number of factors that influence the process. Being able to transform a common space into a work of art is not something that everybody can all achieve.

From choosing the colours or tapestries of the walls, the curtains, furniture, accessories, lights and plants, and that everything combines perfectly, is a skill that is recognized worldwide. Interior Design is a project discipline that involves the process of improving the function and qualities of the interior space.

What is an interior designer’s job?

An interior designer is a person who combines environmental psychology, architecture, and product design to create environments that, more than a place, are experiences in which to live. In a few words, it looks for the most suitable combination between the client, the architecture, its style, and the needs.

Nowadays, interior designers in Sydney are not only present in people’s homes, but also in businesses such as restaurants, bars, supermarkets or shops, due to the fact that interior designers know what to stand out from the competition to sell more, and their need to have an image of excellence.

The interior designer, in addition to the work of a decorator, has the function of projecting the space coherently, following technical standards of acoustics, ergonomics, thermal comfort and lighting engineering. His work is restricted to interior environments already built and a few minor modifications, which do not intervene in the structure of the construction, such as the demolition of walls and windows creation.

What is an interior design project about?

The interior project, in case you want to hire a professional interior designer or become one of them, usually has the following stages:

  1. Briefing: instructions. This is the moment in which the client tells the professional their wishes and ideas for the space, besides establishing a budget to invest in the project.
  2. Measurement: it consists in measuring the whole environment (walls, doors, windows, water and electricity connections as well as existing furniture). Besides the measurement, it is also extremely important to take many photographs and specify what already exists in the space, such as the type of flooring. There are several aspects to take into account before beginning any work.
  3. Preliminary study: it is the design of the first ideas that will be implemented in the project.
  4. Draft: it is the evolution of the preliminary study, with designs usually made in a software program. Normally at this stage, a 3D presentation of the project will be made, which will give the idea of how the environment will look.
  5. Executive project: after the client approved the preliminary project and requested the corresponding modifications, the executive project begins; in it, there is all the information and necessary measures so that the professionals (bricklayers, painters, carpenters, etc.) can execute what was proposed in the preliminary draft.
  6. Accompaniment: This stage depends a lot on what was agreed between the designer and the client, but usually technical visits are made to the place of the work and with the distributors to confirm that everything is being done according to the specifications.

It is important to find an interior designer which style people are comfortable with due to the fact that otherwise the final result will not satisfy the client’s expectative and will end in a waste of money and time.

vintage home

How to Add a Vintage Look to Your House

Posted on January 7, 2019
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Category:&nbspRenovation Ideas

We’re all a fan of the vintage fashion and it seems that it will never get old! If you’re thinking about redoing some of your rooms in the house, going for a vintage look is definitely up for a chance. No matter what seasonal fashion you’re following for inspiration, you will notice that the vintage trends become a part of the trend somehow.

There are many ways you can pull off a vintage look in your house if you really want to. The trick is, not to spend too much money and simply get the things you already have. Vintage stuff is basically everything your parents may have kept as heirloom from their ancestors’ houses. In order to make sure you have everything you need to make your house look and feel vintage, you can pay a visit to your parents’ homes and find what you need.

Following are some ways to add a vintage look and feel to your modern house:

1. Adding Antique Furniture Pieces

antique furniture

Antique furniture canberra can add a vintage look to your modern architecture of the house. Furniture pieces such as wooden rocking chairs, an old wooden laced couch, etc. can look very elegant and vintage at the same time. You can even change some of your old household items into furniture pieces. For instance, you can use an old trunk and polish it again to make it a coffee table.

You can even use an old crest as a footrest to be placed in front of a couch. You will notice how unique and amazing it will look. The crest can be polished dark brown to match your existing furniture items.

2. Adding a Standing Clock

Standing clocks in the living room have been an amazing part of the vintage architecture and design for ages. You need to get one of the vintage looking clocks that can add an heirloom feel to the main lounge of the house. Make sure their paint is wooden brown with gold strokes. This is just the color which speaks vintage and class.

3. Re-painting Household Items

If you do not have vintage furniture items to be added to your house, you can simply change the paint color and polish of your existing household items and make them look vintage. The two main colors include ash brown mixed with dull gold strokes.

So if you want to change the look of your bedroom, you can change the polish of your bed set and the mirror outlines. In case you want to alter the living room, you can re-polish the coffee table, the cabinets, the couches and even the television set enclosures. You will notice that something as easy as the paint of an item can change the entire look and feel of the item.

Recycled Timber Furniture

Posted on December 13, 2018
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Category:&nbspTimber Furniture

Recycled wood is pretty in these days. This is because everyone now knows the importance of recycling. They know that stuff which is recycled is good for the environment. It helps reduce the pollution and also helps preserve our nonrenewable resources. There are several benefits of recycling material. Similarly old wooden furniture can easily be recycled. It is designed into new shape and sometimes sprayed over with a different colour to add a certain quirky look to it.

The following are some of the benefits of recycled timber furniture:

  • Recycled wooden furniture is a cost effective option. If you are tight on budget but would like to invest in a few good timber pieces then recycled furniture is the way to go. It can help save you some cash and isn’t too pressing on your pocket as well. The cost of such furniture often tends to be half of new wooden furniture. So be smart and invest in recycled timber furniture that is easily available in sunshine coast.
  • Recycled wooden furniture is sturdier and can last for quite a long time. It is also easier to maintain and care for. Just follow simple dusting with a soft wipe from a cloth to keep the dust away and it tends to retain its look throughout the years. It might need an occasional coat of polish but nothing too drastic.
  • Also salvaged wooden furniture is great for those who are short on space but have their heart set on wooden furniture. The pieces are usually smaller and have a charming and quaint appearance. It can add an instant aesthetic appeal to a room and tends to look modern and beautiful as well.
  • Also recycling wood is a good way of keeping out environment safe and healthy. Each year thousands of tress are cut down to make furniture or to be used for other purposes. Cutting of trees can cause the eco system to be thrown into state of confusion? Millions of animals lose their homes and the soil erosion is a common consequences. Also it is leading to global warming. We can each reduce our carbon footprint on the environment by using recycled materials. The first step then is to purchase furniture made from recycled wood.

When buying recycled timber furniture in Sunshine Coast there are a few thing which should be kept in mind.

  • When buying recycled furniture you need to make sure it’s just that and not some cheap quality stuff being touted as recycled furniture and being sold at low price.
  • Get to do your research, find out different manufacturers in sunshine coast who deal in recycled timber furniture.
  • If possible go and visit the furniture store to get a good idea of what kind of pieces they deal in. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and get a quote for the furniture pieces which interest you.
  • Get furniture which complements your style. Classic and stylish furniture goes a long way and looks great even after years.

Building Inspections Melbourne

Posted on December 4, 2018
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One of the most crucial process after a building is constructed is the detailed building inspection performed by a building inspector. The major aim is to check whether the property has been constructed according to the ordinances laid down by the government. They have to ensure that the building is free from any problems and has no major safety issues.

Building inspectors are generally hired by the government, city or Municipal Corporation. They have the necessary certifications which enable them to carry out specialised checks on the newly constructed buildings. Building inspectors are notified when a construction is underway. Once the project is completed the contractor would call for a Melbourne building inspection company to then carry out an inspection.

Building inspectors are supposed to carry out meticulous inspections. It’s part of their job. They have to make sure that any building is safe for use and is not high risk. One of the reasons why every inspection is carried out in detail is that no safety issue should come up once the building is inhabited.

In most cases if a building is being newly constructed the building inspectors might be present at the laying of the foundation. They would ensure that everything goes right because once the cement is added there is very little which can be done about a buildings foundation. They have to ensure that everything has been carried according to the building construction code.


Things to keep in mind when hiring a building inspector

When hiring a building inspector make sure of the following:

  • Choose a building inspector who ah the right designation and education to carry out the building inspection. Keep in mind there is a difference between residential building inspectors and commercial building inspectors. Get to know who you would like to hire.
  • Experts normally recommend taking some time out to do research on property inspections. Get to know if there are any local firms which send in building inspectors to assess a property. Also building inspectors might assess a property for different reasons. Normally a building which is not newly constructed is simple inspected for safety issues because no much can be done about a building which has already been constructed.
  • You can also get a referral from family or friends, someone who you can trust and who you know would give you the right advice. Don’t be in a hurry to hire a building inspector suggested by a broker who is selling you the property. The inspector might hesitate to point out all the flaw and their judgment might not be a meticulous as required. This is why you should bring in your own building inspectors.
  • Also keep certain limitations in mind. When a property is constructed the building inspector can only asses it for is apparent to them physically. They can’t go about and see what lies behind the walls of a property or its building.

Sutherland Shire Arborists

Posted on November 8, 2018
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Category:&nbspTree Removal

The Shire

The Sutherland Shire is a part of the southern metropolitan region of Sydney. The Royal National Park, part of the Heathcote National Park, and Cronulla State Park are all within its borders. Community polls commissioned by the Sutherland Shire Council show that the residents of the region are exceptionally connected to nature and are primarily dedicated to nature conservation. With conservation efforts and a distinct amount of vegetation on both public and private lands, the Sutherland Shire has many regulations in place for the pruning and removal of trees and vegetation. With approximately half of the property within Sutherland Shire being protected forests there are quite a few arborists in the region.

Arborist: The Job

Arborists operating in the Sutherland Shire must have extensive knowledge of Sutherland Shire Council policies and procedures for tree removal and pruning as well as regional and nationwide laws governing landscape and environmental protections on both public and private lands. Arborists also obtain special licenses and education related to the technical aspects of their jobs. They are most common as small-scale businesses that cover specific regions. Arborists in Sutherland Shire are specialists: they are not landscapers. They deal specifically with pruning and removing trees.

Well-known Arborists Operating in the Sutherland Shire

Below is a list of licensed arborists registered with the Sutherland Shire Council’s directory of arborists.

  • Treescape: One of two arborists licensed to work on public lands
  • Treeserve: One of two arborists licensed to work on public lands
  • One Two Tree Lopping Services
  • Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons
  • Wolf Trees and Gardens
  • Bob and Ben: The Tree Men
  • Cutting Edge Tree Care Pty Ltd
  • Access Stump Grinding Ltd
  • A & C Ace Tree Service
  • Oze Chipping Service Pty Ltd
  • Sydney’s Tree Works
  • TreeLine Tree Surgeons Pty Ltd
  • Perpetual Tree Care Services
  • Sydney Trees – Arborist Services
  • Shane’s Trees

Tree Removal: Last Things to Know

In the Sutherland Shire, the vast majority of tree removals or even tree pruning require permission from the Sutherland Shire Council via an application and approval process. A private landowner can prune trees on their lands if they intend to prune less than 10% of their total canopy. The council has measures in place to identify protected trees and trees near water sources as well as local vegetation. The council provides an exceptions list of trees that can be removed without permission or application. The council is responsible for developing protocols to protect trees in public spaces. The council will only remove trees for safety reasons if they become hazardous or are impeding a structurally sound building. The Sutherland Shire has a robust network of arborists dedicated to protecting the region’s canopy with responsible tree removal.

Finding an Emergency Electrician

Posted on November 5, 2018
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Home owners can handle quite a few things when it comes to minor disruptions in their home. There are times when people are successfully able to manage a blown fuse. However a sudden problem with the wiring or sparks coming out from the cable are instances where even the handiest of individuals are at a loss these are instances which require immediate action. The best course of action is therefore to hire an emergency electrician in Canberra.

Emergency instances like all of the following can easily be handled by an emergency electrician.

  • Smoke alarms which might start malfunctioning all of a sudden
  • Light fixtures which flicker due to high or low voltage
  • An electrical appliance malfunctioning
  • Any problem in the power outlets
  • Any problem related to wirings or circuits
  • Ay strange sounds emanating from the circuit breaker or the breaker box
  • Partial or complete power loss which isn’t associated with the grid supply
  • It could be a burning smell coming out of a socket or an electrical appliance

All these instances require immediate attention. Choosing to ignore any of the above mentioned things could get you into trouble.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that when you want to hire an emergency electrician they should be there to handle any sort of disaster. There are times when you need to call an electrician as soon as possible. Finding out they are not available at the given time can be pretty frustrating. Also you may need an electrician in the middle of the night and not everyone is ready to make house calls at late night. Only an emergency Canberra electrician would be able to help you when no one else can.

When you call an emergency electrician they would listen to the problem carefully and advice you on any safety issues which they would deem necessary. In case they think the emergency is crucial they might ask you to shut down the power supply to your home until they arrive with the necessary tools and equipment. Make sure you follow their instructions carefully to avoid any hazardous situations. If they ask you to follow certain directions, make sure you do that without wasting any time.

Once they arrive, they would carefully assess the situation and then take proper measures to ensure that things get back to normal as soon as possible. Also keep in mind that finishing anyone in an emergency is not an easy job. The best thing to do is to write down the numbers and get all the information you need about emergency electricians in advance. Also when noting down the contact number of emergency electricians you might need, make sure you know they have a good reputation and carry a license.

An electrician with a license is a complete professional. When it comes to handling emergency electrical situations you need someone who has the necessary experience working in such situations.

happy young romantic couple at new modern home interior renovation

Top 5 Renovation Ideas That Won’t Hurt Your Savings

Posted on February 16, 2018
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Category:&nbspRenovation Ideas

When one starts to talk about home renovations and upgrades, the associated topic is about how much will it cost. In the end, the homeowner would rather not want to renovate or upgrade their homes thinking it would be too costly, but on the contrary, home renovations and upgrades can add more value to the property but since we are up for affordable home makeover, here are the top ten home renovation ideas that you sure would love to discover.

Five Low-Cost Home Renovation Ideas

It can be exciting to remodel or renovate a house, but we worry too much about the cost and expenses. To address that, here are the collective five renovation ideas and tips that we would like to share with you. We are sure that these renovation ideas will not make you bankrupt, check them out!

1. Get Your Guest Glance Your Stairs

One of the effective yet affordable home renovations is to make a grand impact on your stairs. You can start by picking a stripe or bold color runner to revitalize the shabby and old look of the stairs. This won’t cost too much for your budget, but you also need to be a little bit creative.

2. Updating Furniture Such As Storage Cabinet

The traditional look of the home can be hidden by new paint and modern furniture. If you have an old bookshelf or storage cabinet that bespoke its age, you can get a modern and better-fitted designs that would bring out good features and details in the room. In addition to that, you can also add more space of the room, so depending on your aim your home builders can assist you with the renovation ideas that you want for your home.

3. Installing New Lights

The number one that would surely bring majestic impact for any structure is the lightings. If you want to play simple and exotic aura or want to have a dramatic and chic effect, these can come true with some specific additions of lights.

4. Having An Outdoor Lawn Or Terrace

If you haven’t had a lawn outside because you don’t have much space, you may have it on the second level of your house. Along with the renovations, the home builders will make sure that the design of the lawn or terrace will complement with the design and style of your house so it will be unnoticeable for guest to tell that it is just an addition on your house.

5. Updating The Kitchen

If there is a significant place at home that needs the minimal cost of renovation, it would be the kitchen. Depending on the size of the kitchen you have, you can make a makeover or renovation by painting it with new color and getting new fixtures and counter table. Do not forget that it will surely inspire the chef in you so you may also need new kitchen appliances to match the new look of your kitchen.

There are too many ways you can make an upgrade the look of your new home. Doing it yourself can be mentally and physically taxing but if you give the job to an expert hand and will tell what your preferred look for your home is, you will be amazed on the results. Sometimes, home renovations and upgrades are addictive to some homeowners because of the beautiful transformation that the home builders can bring out from their old house, so before planning to move out or sell your old place and home, why not talk first with the home renovation experts.